Kosovo submits membership request to Interpol yet again

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo Izmi Zeka has confirmed that Pristina authorities have once again submitted the request to join Interpol.

Source: B92, Tanjug
(Getty Images, file, illustration)
(Getty Images, file, illustration)

Kosovo-based broadcaster RTK2 is reporting that Zeka told Radio Free Europe's Albanian language service that this had been done on January 31.

"Interpol also confirmed that the request of Kosovo was received. Now there are technical issues and political aspects that Kosovo must do in line with diplomatic obligations, so that when the Interpol session is held, we'll see how the situation goes," he is quoted as saying, and adding:

"However, we believe that this year there will be more engagement for Kosovo to be equal with all other state and have direct access to Interpol."

Serbian Foreign Minister and First Deputy PM Ivica Dacic said last week that Kosovo had submitted the request, and added that he "doesn't understand the need to make such suicidal moves."

Pristina-based media reported earlier that Kosovo previously failed nine times in its bid to join Interpol.


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