"Haradinaj makes his private Serb cabinet minister"

Aleksandar Vucic emphasized on Monday in Belgrade that Pristina has "thawed" the so-called frozen conflict with the introduction of taxes on Serbian goods.

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The Prime Minister of the Provisional Kosovo Institutions Ramush Haradinaj has appointed Dijana Zivic as the new Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development.

She replaced Nenad Rikalo, who was removed from office at the beginning of the month, Pristina press is reporting.

Haradinaj posted the appointment news on his Facebook account and at the same time wished her success in the work.

Zivic is a member of the Independent Liberal Party led Slobodan Petrovic, who is also the only member from that party of the Kosovo Assembly.

As the president said, because of his, "he fears all kinds of things that could happen in the future."

After his meeting with France's Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau, Vucic also said Ramush Haradinaj today chose his "private Serbs." This comment concerned the appointment in Pristina of a new minister of agriculture, to replace of Nenad Rikal.

Vucic also said that he told Loiseau "how difficult the situation on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija is for us, where which somebody introduces 100 percent taxes, where somebody is not fulfilling the Brussels agreement, is not forming the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO)."

Serbia, as he underlined, has acted responsibly, did not undertake any reciprocal measure -, but he also pointed out that it was "not just about the issue of our patience."

"It is impossible to suffer all kinds of insults every day, like the latest one, when Ramush Haradinaj chooses private Serbs for his ministers whom nobody has elected, to show that he is omnipotent. Serbia will not accept it, will protect its dignity and the people, and we will try to preserve peace and security at all costs, but we will not allow anyone to humiliate our people and God forbit a chance to attack them," Vucic said.

Vucic also thanked his guest "for France's request to (Pristina) abolish these charges."

"Obviously Pristina has other helpers, who find it normal to stop the flow of goods. This is not normal to us, it's an anti-civilization measure," he said, adding that he believes that, once the taxes have been abolished, the dialogue can continue.

According to him, "someone has used the taxes knowing that the dialogue would be impossible, in order not to reach a solution."

Vucic said that he had the opportunity to talk openly with Loiseau about all important issues for relations between the two countries, but also in the region.

"Our economic relations are getting better every year, and trade is rising and has reached 1.1 billion euros. French companies who employ 11,000 people here. The latest deal on the (airport) concession with VINCI is crucial for further cooperation between Serbia and France. We have more common projects, above all, the construction of a metro in Belgrade, which is of great importance," he said.

Vucic thanked France for supporting Serbia on the European path, and especially President Emmanuel Macron, who, he said, "always showed respect for Serbia, and advocated good relations with our people, the country as a whole, and when this was not popular in France,and in Europe."

He assessed as important agreement signed today on the establishment of a branch of the French Development Agency in Serbia, which will provide the opportunity to further improve the cooperation of the two countries.

"Serbia and France have not only a traditional friendship, but we must work much more and more successfully, in order to make this friendship, which was concluded during the hardest years of the First World War, and then the Second World War, into effective cooperation in all spheres of social life," he explained.

Vucic asked Loiseau to "convey to Macron the desire of Serbia to welcome him in Belgrade." As stated at during the news conference, Macron could Belgrade could visit in July.


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