FM expects "no agreement with Pristina - they don't want it"

An agreement with Pristina won't be reached, because Albanians do not want it, Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs and First Deputy PM Ivica Dacic has assessed.

Source: Tanjug
(EPA-EFE, file)
(EPA-EFE, file)

He told Bijeljina-based BN broadcaster late on Thursday that "delimitation" of Kosovo is not a new idea, that it has been talked about for years, and that Serbia in 2005 had a proposal from the international community to partition Kosovo.

"It is necessary to conduct a wise policy. I am sure that Pristina will not accept it, but they will be responsible party," Dacic said, adding that the United States is the most committed to reaching some agreement. He added that they do, it because they realized that "it wasn't a done deal."

"Even today they say that 116 countries have recognized Kosovo, which is a lie. That whole creation is based on lies and crimes," Dacic stressed.

"Germany and Great Britain are talking (Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush) Haradinaj into not to abolish taxes pn goods from from Serbia and Montenegro (sic)," Dacic said, emphasizing that what is taking place is "role switching."

"Somebody thinks that Haradinaj is brave, but they (Albanians) do nothing without external support. In this case, America is pulling the rug from under them and turning to others."America will not allow Serbia to be constructive and Kosovo to be bad, because that undermines their concept," Dacic said.

He also said that the Balkans has "always been a ypowder keg" - but that the ones "kindling it always came from the outside."

"When someone from Bosnia-Herzegovina meets in Sydney or New York, they act like brothers, but over here we're at war. It should be the other way wound, we should work for common interests," Dacic said, according to the BN website.

"If (President of Turkey Tayyip Recep) Erdogan says that they are their 'lifeblood' in Sarajevo, I also say that our lifeblood is in Banja Luka or Bijeljina, I do not see what the problem is," Dacic said.

"Serbia should learn from Croats and Slovenes who used the break-up of Yugoslavia for their interests. We Serbs love to talk, without doing anything," says Dacic. "Keep quiet and do your work, that's why we need to have a plan. The one thumping their chest will never get anything done," said the head of Serbian diplomacy.


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