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All of Kosovo is Serbia, Dacic is warned by fellow minister

"I'm glad that Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has, in just 24 hours, changed his mind on the idea of 'delimitation'," says fellow cabinet member Nebojsa Popovic.

Source: Beta, Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)

In a statement sent to Tanjug on Thursday, the minister of innovation said he was also glad that Dacic, who also serves as first deputy PM, "no longer claims that such an idea is official state policy, but instead that it is a proposal of some state officials."

The idea of ​​a "delimitation" cannot be official state policy, because it directly contradicts the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, whose preamble states that Kosovo is an integral part of the territory of Serbia, Popovic added.

"Minister Dacic attacked me yesterday because in my policy on Kosovo I firmly adhere to the Constitution of Serbia and its preamble. I want to reiterate to Minister Dacic that I am proud of my position and that I will never give up on it," Popovic said.

He said that, unlike Dacic, who has been a member of all governments since Milosevic, he himself "does not need to be in power at any cost."

"When I was elected as minister, I swore on my honor that I would respect the Constitution of Serbia and that I would be dedicated to preserving Kosovo within the Republic of Serbia. I intend to honor the oath and to do everything within my mandate as a minister to keep Kosovo in Serbia. As it is written in the Constitution and the St. Sava Covenant. All of Kosovo. Not even a meter less," Popovic said, and concluded, "Next year in Prizren!"

Dacic said on Thursday that citizens would vote on a proposal for a solution to the Kosovo issue in a referendum, as announced by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, adding that there are some ideas but "they are not on the table because there is no dialogue."

He told RTS that he would ask Popovic when the cabinet meets "why he sits in it if he does not agree with the proposal of Vucic."

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