Tenth protest takes place in Belgrade

Several tens of thousands of citizens gathered on Feb. 9 at the 10th consecutive protest under the slogan One of Five Million in Belgrade.

Source: Beta
(screenshot, Prva TV)
(screenshot, Prva TV)

The protest wrapped up just before 8 p.m. outside the Serbian government building after a march down the central city streets, Beta agency reported.

Addressing the crowd outside the government building, protest coordinator Jelena Anasonovic told Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic that he would "learn like the alphabet the names of all the free cities in Serbia that are marching."

"There will be more of them yet, there is no stopping us, this is our country and these are our people, there is more of us," said Anasonovic.

She also said that through a field campaign called The Future of Serbia Vucic was "trying to calm the people of Serbia who will no longer be silent."

"Sixty cities are already marching, and brave people in Gracanica did so today as well," she said and added that "Vucic will make Serbian history as 'the biggest liar' and a man who did not respect citizens, the Constitution or laws."

She called on the citizens to gather again next Saturday outside the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade for a new protest, while the protesters lit several flares outside the government building, the entrance to which they covered in tape reading One of Five Million.

Before that, the protesters stopped outside the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation building, where they invited the public service employees via a speaker system to join the the protests, and then put stickers on the buildings main entrance reading, Come Out into the Streets, and reading It is Not Normal, showing screens of different television stations, such as the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, Pink TV and Studio B, where the Serbian president is a frequent guest.

Meanwhile, protesters on a balcony next to the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation building entrance lit several flares and put up a large banner with the words It Has Begun, while representatives of the Movement of United Phantoms carried toilet paper rolls emblazoned with the image of Serbian Broadcasting Corporation Director Dragan Bujosevic.

The protest march passed without incident and traffic through the main city streets was blocked during the passage of the column.

On Feb. 8 protests took place in Nis, Smederevo, Novi Sad, Subotica, Krusevac, Sabac, Pancevo, Uzice, Kraljevo, Loznica, Kikinda, Valjevo, Leskovac, Zajecar, Pozarevac and Cacak.


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