"If UNSC is 'charade' to you - what are you doing there?"

President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday that without talks, there is no solution to the Kosovo issue.

Source: Tanjug
Vucic is seen in Vranje on Friday (Tanjug)
Vucic is seen in Vranje on Friday (Tanjug)

He stressed that Serbia is strong enough to continue building a better future even without reaching an agreement on this problem.

When reporters in the town of Vranje asked him to comment Thursday's UN Security Council session dedicated Kosovo and Metohija, which the Kosovo ambassador in Washington, who was present, referred to as "a charade" - Vucic said he "no longer knows what representatives of Kosovo want either from Belgrade, or from the world."

"I think that the Russian ambassador's question - what were they doing there if the session was a charade to them - was logical. I don't find it frivolous and a charade when I go to Brussels, the UN, because the stakes are high. And at stake are peace and security, which people are taking for granted - considering that only one spark could set the region on fire," Vucic said.

The president added that Pristina is "constantly changing statements and messages" - unlike himself, "because he knows what Belgrade is fighting for."

"We get from them a number of different statements daily - am I supposed to read tea leaves or look to the sky to see what they want," Vucic asked. He stressed, however, that without a deal and a conversation, there will be no solution.

"We do not know what they want, what they want from us, from the world... Our policy is rational, serious and responsible, a policy of peace and gradual steps, of approaching a compromise. If someone doesn't want that - we are strong enough to continue to build a better future for our people and citizens even without an agreement," Vucic said.

The president was on Friday in the Pcinj District, after launching his campaign "The Future of Serbia" the day before.


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