"4 countries against Kosovo debate at UN Security Council"

It is still uncertain whether the United Nations Security Council session on February 7 will discuss Kosovo.

Source: Tanjug

The US, the UK, Germany, and Poland, have been fiercely opposing the intention to put the regular quarterly report of the UN secretary-general on Kosovo on the agenda of the session, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Monday.

Dacic told a news conference that for the first time, the agenda has not been adopted at the UN Security Council, which is proposed every month by the president of the body - something, he said, that does not represent serious behavior for an organization like the UN.

He explained that the agenda will be adopted on the day, February 7, and that it remains unknown if Kosovo will be on it.

"We can hardly get nine votes to put it on the agenda, because there is no veto there. But they cannot get nine votes to make it not happen, either," Dacic said.

He called on the international community to reach agreement on the issue, stressing that if - at a time when the Kosovo dialogue is blocked - someone says that there is no need to talk about Kosovo, "it can be expected that Kosovo and Metohija will never be on the agenda again."

"Tomorrow I must to go to Washington for a conference, from there to New York, because the session is scheduled for February 7. It's not certain whether it will be (on the agenda), they will probably come and say, 'we're opening the session, who's in favor of adopting the agenda' - and it may happen that we get there, and they do not adopt the agenda. This is not serious behavior for an organization that has pretensions of leading the world," Dacic said.


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