Vucic "not optimistic" but "ready for difficult decisions"

Aleksandar Vucic has told RTS that he was not optimistic that a final solution would be reached for Kosovo, but that he was ready for difficult decisions.

Source: RTS
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

And those, the president continued, must be compromise in nature.

The Republic of Palau is the 13th country that has withdrawn the recognition of Kosovo's independence. The president of that republic is in Belgrade, where he will meet with Aleksandar Vucic.

The president said that it is difficult to establish the exact number of states that have recognized Kosovo - "because there are different manipulations."

"We are doing our job. I'm afraid of euphoria in our country and what we think we have solved all the problems. We are trying to achieve a better starting position for Serbia than it had been. We are doing our job responsibly. I plead with citizens not to think that the situation around Kosovo is easier than it was. You have to bear in mind both the interests of the Albanians and the interests of the great powers that are quite opposed," Vucic said.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci said yesterday that "exchange of territory" was the best solution "for progress towards the EU and NATO" and that it has the support "of the US, EU and Russia." Vucic pointed out it was necessary to solve some "simple questions" first.

"It is not unknown that it is important to solve the issue of Kosovo and Metohija through compromise, because, as trite as it may sound to some and as much as they use it to attack me, for the future of our people is of crucial importance. But what are we talking about when we have taxes? Here is an anti-civilization measure. They (Pristina) put flags on the racks, so that citizens would not buy a Serbian product. For them, Smoki (a Serbian snack) has ethnicity, which is not happening in any country in the world, it is happening in the territory controlled by Pristina. Therefore, when we have good news such as the decision of Palau, we have to be realistic, serious and responsible," said the president of Serbia.

He is not optimistic that a final solution will be arrived at, "but that does not mean I don't hope for it."

Vucic said he was "ready for difficult decisions, but they must be compromise."


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