UN Security Council to discuss Kosovo in February

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Sunday that the next session of the UN Security Council was scheduled to take place in February.

Source: Beta

Kosovo is on its agenda, Dacic told Prva TV.

He added that Equatorial Guinea would be chairing the session, expected to take place on February 7.

The foreign minister said that EU High Representative Federica Mogherini's view was that any solution for Kosovo had to be presented to the Security Council.

"What has been done so far does not need to be discussed before the Security Council, but any attempt at a durable solution will bring the matter back to the Council, as it is only logical to replace the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 with another in that case," Dacic said.

The Serbian minister repeated that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had written to Mogherini, asking her to inform him about the status of the talks, and that she did not respond right away, but later, saying that the EU respected Russia's role in the process.

"It is good to know that friendly states, too, Russia and China, will have important roles to play," Dacic said.

The minister explained it did not mean that the format of the Belgrade-Pristina talks would change, but if it turned out that it might have a positive effect, it was possible to involve everyone in terms of organization.

"The U.S. has been in since the beginning, but Russia has not; this is not good, and it is something we have been very critical of, but it was Serbia that asked for the dialog to be moved to Brussels. That was a bad decision, because friendly states are not participating," Dacic said.


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