Vucic reacts to Ivanovic's widow referred to as "she devil"

Aleksandar Vucic has commented on the insults made at the expense of Milena Ivanovic, to say that he "never understood that kind of insanity and hatred."

Source: Beta

The president reacted after one of the leaders of the opposition Alliance for Change, Zeljko Veselinovic, referred to the widow of Oliver Ivanovic, a Serb politician from Kosovo who was gunned down in Kosovska Mitrovica a year ago, as a "she devil."

In a tweet that has since been removed, Veselinovic said Milena Ivanovic was frequenting nightclubs in the capital and missed her late husband's one year memorial service.

Speaking in Leskovac on Monday, where he attended the opening of an Aptiv Packard factory, Vucic described Ivanovic as a "brave woman" and added that the Interior Ministry must check whether it is necessary to carry out security assessment and protect her and her son.

"Not only are they insulting and attacking women, but they are saying she should be protesting against someone, but won't. They they say she is the devil because she will not side with them. Does that make any sense," the president asked.

Vucic also said that he has never called any opposition representative a traitor.

"Every day they call me a criminal, a traitor, a fagot... They think they have the right to a sea of insults on a daily basis and that the intensity of these insults will change something - and then they complain about somebody insulting them," said the president.

He added that the last time the opposition organized protests, they wound up winning 40 percent less votes in the local election in Belgrade, while his SNS received 20 percent more.

Commenting on announcements out of Pristina about the possibility of introducing new measures that include banning vehicles from Serbia in Kosovo, Vucic assessed that Pristina will weaken its international position, "whatever it does."

"We will always find plenty of ways to help our people in Kosovo and Metohija. We will go through all the troubles together and we will successfully overcome them," Vucic said.


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