"Deal in 2019, neither Kosovo nor Serbia will have much say"

The deputy chairman of the Kosovo Assembly says neither Pristina nor Belgrade would not have much of a say in a future agreement on normalization of relations.

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(EPA, file)
(EPA, file)

Xhavit Haliti told KTV that a legally binding agreement would be reached this year, "only thanks to big pressure exerted by the Western diplomacy."

"We have the official US policy that declared they would like, and would accept a historic agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, but that they do not accept any kind of agreement. A balance means that Serbia has some specific interests in Kosovo. I am speaking based on what I hear from the Serbian media, that there should be special status for the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo," Haliti said.

He added that there is "talk in the media about the four municipalities in northern Kosovo joining Serbia" just as "there is talk in Kosovo about unification of the Presevo valley and Kosovo."

"I believe that there will be extremely big pressure to reach an agreement, and Kosovo and Serbia will have little say in it," said Haliti, who is also a senior official of the ruling PDK party.

He expects an agreement to be finalized "in a joint meeting, from which to emerge with signatures on it."

Responding to the opposition being against a proposal to reach an agreement as soon as possible, Haliti said that "only fools could oppose the United States." He expects the opposition to end up agreeing to it, "once they are up against the wall".

"I do not believe that America has any interest in demanding something that is not in the interest of Kosovo. Now the price should be paid by both sides, we should give something, right now I don't know what exactly. It's not that we will be asked for it, instead this will be decided on and we will sign it voluntarily," Haliti said.


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