Time will reveal everything, says Ivanovic's widow

It will soon be one year since the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

Source: B92, Prva TV
(Screenshot, Prva TV)
(Screenshot, Prva TV)

His widow, who is conducting her own investigation, tells Prva TV that she can only guess who killed him.

"I will not point the finger at anyone, these are serious things, but when I am one hundred percent sure and when I complete my story, I will tell who I should tell," Milena Ivanovic said on Thursday.

Speaking about the attacks against her on social networks, Ivanovic said she does not think that she made any mistakes, because she "always fought with the truth and only the truth."

"I stand behind every word and my stances, and no one can change that," she said.

Ivanovic also told Prva TV that she is conducting her own investigation into the murder of her husband, "and knows a lot of things about which the wider public is not informed."

"With Oliver I shared my life in difficult situations, he was unjustly detained for three and a half years. During that time all these important contacts were going through me, with foreigners and other important people. I was conveying all this information to Oliver. When he was released we cross-checked this information, which he had, and which I had," says Milena Ivanovic.

"When something like that happens it's hard to believe in others, so I decided to try to figure out what happened and find the answer to the question of who killed Oliver. I have a lot of information about it, various information, including that which is deliberately planted, and all that needs to be systematized and recycled," she added.

As for who could be behind the murder, i.e., who the enemies of the leader of the SDP Civic Initiative were, Ivanovic said that he had political opponents during the Kosovo Mitrovica elections because he went to the mayoral elections opposite the list supported by the state.

She said he sought the support of opposition leaders of Serbia and received it only from Sasa Jankovic, Aleksandar Sapic and Boris Tadic. "Others did not want to, or were afraid, or thought it was dangerous. Oliver was very disappointed."

"He did not assume he was going to get killed. The night before the murder, we visited a friend with our child, they could have killed him then. These are people who could do anything. He was not afraid and we lived relatively normal lives," said Milena Ivanovic .

She added that she had wanted to leave Kosovo because she thought there would never be peace there. "But he did not want that. There was no chance anyone could move him from Kosovo. He thought that Kosovo was one of the most important issues and that it should be resolved slowly and for a long time."

"He was attacked or defended by people in accordance with their own personal interests. I remember everything and I keep everything, it's my golden archive and I do not allow anyone to use him and his name to manupulate. And today he is abused, as he needed," said Ivanovic and added this made her angry. "They should leave him to sleep in peace, and when they do they will also leave his family alone."

"Now I'm criticized for the job I got, for what I wear, with whom I have coffee... they all find fault with me for everything. Time will reveal everything, and then they will all eat themselves," she concludes.


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