Albania looking to annex our territory, says Serbian MP

Milovan Drecun says the "erasing" of the border between Albania and Kosovo is one of the steps leading to Albania's annexation of a part of Serbia's territory.

Source: Tanjug
(EPA, file, illustration)
(EPA, file, illustration)

The chairman of the Serbian National Assembly's Committee on Kosovo and Metohija added that this would place a part of the international community that supports Serbia before "a fait accompli."

Drecun, a member of the ruling SNS party, told Serbia's public broadcaster RTS that Albania is doing everything to complete the violent annexation of Kosovo.

"When you look at everything that has happened over the past several decades related to the Kosmet (Kosovo and Metohija) problem, it is quite clear that Albania, due to its territorial pretensions towards a part of our territory, created the terrorist KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army") in its territory, provoked a war in Kosovo and Metohija, and secretly took managed it. In that way, the KLA was in fact the striking wing of the Republic of Albania, for the sake of forcibly adding a part of our territory to Albania," Drecun said.

As he said, the intention of the Albanians both in Kosovo and Metohija and in Albania is to erase the border between Serbia and Albania in Kosovo and Metohija in March, without formally abolishing it, and that "unification of Kosovo and Albania" will be an attempt by Albania to violently annex a part of our territory.

"They will put that part of the international community that opposes unilateral violent moves that undermine international order, which, such as it is, exists based on the UN Charter, before a fait accompli. That Charter should guarantee to countries like Serbia the implementation of resolutions like UN Security Council Resolution 1244," Drecun said.

Nevertheless, he believes, the other part of the international community - the leading Western countries - support the concept of a Greater Albania, which is a major problem because they paralyze the UN, unable to take effective measures to prevent such behavior by Albania.

"That part of the international community will not be placed before a fait accompli because it is obvious that Albania has the green light of the leading Western states to carry out an annexation of a part of our territory," Drecun said.

As for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, the parliamentarian said that Russia and the United States are talking about it, and that these countries want to be "directly or indirectly" involved in the process.

"It's possible to expect reaching of an agreement, regardless of the fact that the EU has elections ahead of it, because behind this attempt to resolve the problem with a compromise stands the US, and they will certainly not allow themselves the luxury of President Trump's initiative passing without any results. If talks don't take place and if there is no compromise solution, then we will unfortunately have the accelerated creation of a Greater Albania," Drecun said.


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