"If US gets involved, we want Russia and China, too"

"There aren't many offered solutions on the table, I know one - delimitation, and there are others," says Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

Dacic said that these other solutions are "for us to recognize Kosovo, which we will not do, or that Kosovo be a province in Serbia, which they will not do."

Dacic noted that for now, no one has answered what a compromise would be - "there are some alternatives."

"Pristina, first of all, is seeking a change in the format of the dialogue and the involvement of the United States, but they are against the involvement of Russia," Dacic told pink.rs, and added that "no one has been deciding on that yet, everything is at the wish level."

"The US has no special desire to become a formal part of the dialogue. If someone really wants to the US to get involved, we will ask China and Russia to be included," said Dacic.

Nevertheless, he pointed out that Serbia, regardless of that, must say that there is no international force or pressure that will force Serbia to change its position on national and state issues.

"We want a right compromise, and if that is not there, we really cannot recognize what they are asking," Dacic underlined.

He reiterated that Serbia is ready for dialogue and finding a solution, but that Pristina is not, and is looking for ways to delay it.

"Pristina is constantly introducing and making some unilateral, unreasonable moves such as the introduction of taxes, the formation of an army. Pristina is the biggest obstacle to dialogue and to arriving at a permanent solution," said the Serbian foreign minister.

Asked if he was an optimist in that regard, Dacic said that no one can be overly optimistic, because Belgrade wants to create conditions for continuing the dialogue and finding a solution - "but when that will happen does not depend on us."

"Those who support Kosovo are those who must create the conditions for the dialogue to continue, which means revoking the taxes," Dacic said.

He is not optimistic also because the EU now has to deal with internal issues, European parliament elections, the formation of new EU bodies and the appointment of EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini's successor.

"But we are certainly ready to continue the dialogue tomorrow, because we consider it to be in the interest of the stability of the region," Dacic said.

He emphasized that he was pleased with the results in Serbia's foreign policy, primarily because the 12 countries have withdrawn their recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, which means it now does not have a majority to be a member in any international organization.

Dacic noted that this brought Serbia back on the political stage as a factor without which there can be no discussion or agreement on any topic related to Kosovo.


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