"Rosu can go to North under two conditions; rest are lies"

President Aleksandar Vucic says "the only and real truth" is that Pristina's Rosu units can enter the north of Kosovo only under two conditions.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

And these are KFOR's permission, and the consent of the Serb community, Vucic said.

"That's the whole truth, the only truth. Whoever says otherwise, is the worst kind of liar," the president said.

He also pointed out that an agreement was made that explicitly meant there would be "no rifles" in northern Kosovo.

Vucic recalled that the Brussels agreement was signed in 2013 and that in those talks, NATO's guarantees were sought, primarily concerning Rosu, "because there were no FIT and other units, while an army (in Kosovo) was not even announced."

"Our agreement is based on the absence of Rosu. Personally I attended all the meetings, repeated it 500 times before (former EU foreign policy chief) Ashton and NATO officials, and I personally went to NATO and said - there can be no armed Albanians with rifles in the north, with an emphasis on Rosu, without these two conditions," he added.

They wish to forget the other part, Vucic pointed out, and reiterated that the agreement was that there would be no entry into the north without NATO's permission - "that is condition number one, but a cumulative rather than an alternative condition is the consent of the Serb community through its representatives - the four mayors."

"That's the whole truth, the only truth. Whoever says otherwise, is the worst kind of liar," Vucic concluded.

Vucic said he "heard all kinds of lies" and wanted to tell the people "the truth about what was agreed and achieved - and it wouldn't be the first time they invented something or violated an agreement."

"That's why they got a clear warning from Serbia not to play with such things, that they would put everyone in the Balkans at risk and endanger peace and security of all," Vucic said.

He added it was "no secret that part of the international community is seeking every way to foster Albanian statehood in Kosovo."

"They violated (UN Security Council) Resolution 1244, which is not great for us anyway," Vucic said and added that this resolution contains "many bad provisions for us - and they managed to trample on the few good ones."

He also added that Serbia "cannot expect them to act in accordance with the law - as could be seen at the session of the UN Security Council dedicated to the situation in Kosovo, through the mouth of the British ambassador."

Vucic called on the Serbs in Kosovo to welcome the New Year and Christmas in peace, health and joy and told them that they can count on Serbia.

"We will not allow them to lie and deceive the public, I told you the truth and I will never allow anyone to announce something else," Vucic said.


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