"Rosu can go to north without KFOR approval, KSF can't"

KFOR spokesperson Vincenzo Grasso says special units Rosu can enter the north of Kosovo without the permission of KFOR.

Source: Beta
(screenshot, Prva TV, file)
(screenshot, Prva TV, file)

However, the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) can't, he said, according to Politika.

In an interview with the newspaper, Grasso said that "the special operations unit, which can be armed with long rifles" belongs to the Kosovo police and as such has the mandate to enforce the law throughout Kosovo "without the obligation to seek approval."

"The Kosovo Security Force, according to the previous agreement, must have the approval of KFOR's commander before engaging in northern Kosovo. NATO expects local institutions to continue to abide by that agreement," Grasso said.

He added that the situation in Kosovo is under control, "despite political tensions and public statements," and that KFOR units are "always present, even when they are less noticeable."

"We carried out exercises at various locations throughout Kosovo, not just in the north. They were not related to political events in Pristina and there was no risk or threat from the possible takeover of northern Kosovo," Grasso said.

Asked if certain countries have withdrawn from KFOR after the formation of the Kosovo army, he said that KFOR was operating under the UN mandate and that the laws on the transformation of the KSF (into an army) "would not affect that."


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