Protesters have demands for public broadcaster

the civil protest "1 of 5 million" continues on December 22 outside the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

Source: B92
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

Protesters have sent their demands to Serbia's public broadcaster RTS.

According to the organizer's announcement, "Radio Television Serbia (RTS) should be a public service for all citizens, instead, it is an accomplice in concealing the truth and creating a parallel, false reality that Aleksandar Vucic has been creating for six years."

Protest participants demand from RTS five minutes in its main news program, Dnevnik 2, and want the broadcaster to host protest representatives, publish true numbers of the gathered dissatisfied citizens, broadcast credible footage from the protest, and publish the demands of the demonstrators.

The second demand is to allow the opposition the possibility to present its views in every news program, and in this way, enable the considering of the other political option as well, and they also remind that this is a legal obligation of the public service.

"RTS has a deadline until the day of the holding of the third protest '1 of 5 million' on December 22 at 18:00 hours, to meet the first demand. The demands from the first and second protests, sent to the authorities, remain, and they are to reveal to the public who ordered the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, to reveal to the public the reasons for the attempted murder of Borko Stefanovic and to reveal to the public who tried to kill journalist Milan Jovanovic, and who ordered it," a statement said.


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