"I can no longer stop process of recognition withdrawals"

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has assessed that Pristina cannot join any international organizations until it has reached an agreement with Belgrade.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

As he said, Pristina cannot do this, regardless of who is standing behind it.

Speaking for Radio-Television of Vojvodina late on Tuesday, Dacic said Pristina today does not have a simple, let alone a two-thirds majority, required for membership in certain organizations.

"The recognition of Kosovo has been withdrawn by 12 countries and this process will continue. Formally, almost the same number of states recognize as do not recognize Kosovo. I can no longer stop the process of withdrawals of recognition, the countries are calling on their own. Our goal is that they cannot round up the independence behind Serbia's back," Dacic said.

He assessed that Monday's meeting of the UN Security Council on the occasion of the formation of an army in Kosovo was useful "because it showed who thinks (UN Security Council) Resolution 1244 is no longer valid."

"We asked for a Security Council session because Resolution 1244 was violated and each (Council) member had to declare themselves on this. It was not expected that any decisions would be made, nor was any document prepared for adoption. No one asked that the session should not be hold, instead three powers, plus the Netherlands and Poland, asked that it be closed to the public. Ivory Coast made the decision, scheduled the session and in the discussion, stated that Resolution 1244 had been violated," the minister said.

Dacic reiterated that there would be no continuation of the dialogue with Pristina until the decision to increase taxes on goods from Serbia to 100 percent has been withdrawn.

"Their goal is to do something and bring everybody to a position that this is fait accompli. They want to say to everyone that they are dissatisfied and that they can create a problem. The continuation of the dialogue as if nothing happened, that certainly will not happen, that is, there can be meetings but conversations on topics from the dialogue will not be taking place until they cancel the tax," said Dacic.

He added that Belgrade will not recognize Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence and warned that should the Kosovo army physically attacks Serbs in the north of the province, Serbia will have no other solution than to help its people "in any way."

"They cannot understand that there is no other path than this for us. Our path directed at accepting Kosovo's independence does not exist. Just don't bring us to a situation where we have no solutions other than that which can permanently endanger peace and stability in the region," said Dacic.


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