PM wants "society based on knowledge and innovation"

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Thursday that digitization is a great opportunity for Serbia.


Its task is to create a society based on knowledge and innovation, whose foundation is creativity that cannot be limited, Brnabic said, according to remarks published by the government.

Opening the conference "NEW: Future of Performing Arts in Serbia - Perspectives and Challenges," Brnabic said that she insists on digitization because there is no greater chance for us to become more competitive, that people fulfill their potential and not to compete with others with a low cost of labor, but with intelligence, skills and creativity.

The Prime Minister underlined that the only way to quickly raise the standard of living is that the talented, creative people stay in the country and thus raise the quality of life.

Brnabic also pointed to the importance of digitization in public administration in order to have efficient administration as a true service to citizens.

She said that she spends a lot of time dealing with the education reform in order to create a system where young people think analytically, and with culture, primarily creative industries, because without that there is no victory in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Great efforts are being made to better connect culture and the economy, she pointed out, and noted that the Ministry of Culture and Media adopted a rule according to which the investments of legal persons in culture are considered as an expense of up to five percent of the total income of the legal person, which is significantly higher than the previous 1.5% and the list of investment areas has also been expanded.

She referred to the platform "Serbia Creates" and to the fact that for the first time next year an important world conference WORLD.MINDS will be held in Belgrade, and not in Zurich as usual.


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