President on protest: "I won't meet any of their demands"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic emphasized that he was "not fascinated by protests" and would "not give in to non-institutional pressure."

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug
The protest in Belgrade (Tanjug)
The protest in Belgrade (Tanjug)

"You want elections? What do you want? For me to give in to you, that nonsense of yours and what you stand for - I will not. I didn't when they (protesters) walked for four months. I tell you in advance, it's the farthest thing from my mind," Vucic told reporters on Sunday, after a panel organized by his ruling SNS.

He underlined he would "not meet any of the demands, ever":

"Five million of you can together, you can only get elections and then fulfill what has been promised to the people. I will not work under pressure, and in that I am different from everyone else," Vucic said.

The president also said that Serbia is a country where "everyone will be allowed to say what they thins, bu tbullying will never win, nor become mainstream."

The protest on Saturday in Belgrade, Vucic continued, was called by "the least decent people and by bullies."

"They say they want to talk about violence - but the authorities have arrested the attackers on Borko Stefanovic, while they did not even inform Ranko Panic's mother about his death, as well as (bv) those who told the Assembly president that she was a slut, which made them happy machos," he said.

Vucic added that it was clear to everyone that this was not a civil, but an opposition protest.

The protest walk in Belgrade was completed on Saturday evening without incidents.

At the head of the column, led by the opposition Alliance leaders for Serbia, was a big banner reading, "Stop Bloody Shirts."

Thousands of people took part in the walk. No uniformed police were visible in their vicinity.

The march came in the wake of a recent attack in Kragujevac against one of the founders of the Alliance for Serbia, Serbian Left leader Borko Stefanovic and two of his activists, Beta reported.

The Alliance for Serbia has urged dissatisfied citizens to participate in a "civic, non-partisan walk" organized "in protest of the bloody shirts and violence of the current government."

"Every protest is essentially political. It's not a problem," Vucic said, adding: "I think that we have had another democratically organized protest, which the state acted towards very responsibly and seriously. There was no policeman anywhere. Nobody prevented them from walking wherever they wanted. There were no bloodied heads, like in some countries that lecture us about democratic behavior."


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