"Vucic and Thaci met in Rome, agreed to raise taxes"

Vuk Jeremic says that he learned "from high-level diplomatic sources of an EU country" that "Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci "met in Rome on November 4."

Source: Beta

This is when they "agreed (for Pristina) to raise taxes on Serbian goods," said the leader of the opposition People's Party (NS).

Jeremic told reporters in the town of Kragujevac that "everything that came out of raising taxes on Serbian goods, all tensions, which are for now under control, are planned to remain under control."

He warned that "such things from time to time spin out of control, and then unforeseeable consequences happen, we have seen such things in the 1990s."

"It is all taking place in order to create an atmosphere of collective paranoia, both in Kosovo and in the rest of Serbia, that an agreement on delineation between Serbs and Albanians is necessary in order to avoid a war. There is no majority in favor of the so-called delineation either in Kosovo or in the rest of Serbia, and that majority must be created," said Jeremic.

He added that "those who play with fire and are secretly meeting in Rome and in some other places" intend to create this majority by scaring people into thinking they are heading into a war.

"There will not be no war, but if irresponsible politicians in power in Belgrade and Pristina continue to play with fire, then all sorts of things could happen," said Jeremic.

Asked how he sees the outcome of the crisis in Kosovo, he said that depended primarily on the people.

"Aleksandar Vucic will not dare to put his signature on a delineation with the Albanians, which practically means recognition of the Republic of Kosovo as an independent state, that would become a member of the UN with that signature. He will not dare to make this step without trying to conceal it behind the electoral will of the citizens, whom he will try to manipulate during the election campaign to give him support for a historical peace, without defining what that should mean," Jeremic said.


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