Dacic confirms, Pristina denies new recognition withdrawal

Pristina-based Koha media outlet is reporting that Solomon Islands has withdrawn it recognition of Kosovo's independence.

Source: Tanjug
(Getty Images, illustration)
(Getty Images, illustration)

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has confirmed this information.

Solomon Islands were among the countries that recently did not vote for Kosovo's admission to Interpol.

Koha writes that this state in Oceania has informed the Kosovo Foreign Ministry in writing about the withdrawal of the recognition of Kosovo.

KTV TV says it had insight into two diplomatic notes sent to the Pristina authorities, koha.net reports.

Namely, Solomon Islands office in Australia sent the Kosovo embassy in that country on November 28 to a note informing it was sending its foreign ministry's decision to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo.

The second note dates back to February and says that diplomatic relations between Kosovo and Solomon Islands were established in 2015, but that now that decision had been withdrawn, stating the reasons behind the move:

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Solomon Islands informs the Kosovo Foreign Affairs Ministry that, after careful consideration, and taking into account the continuation of the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina on the final status of Kosovo and UN Security Council Resolution 1244, Solomon Islands Government has decided to withdraw recognition of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state."

On the other hand, the foreign ministry in Pristina denies that it has received this document.

"The ministry has not received any official document on this issue through official channels. We consider it to be a continuation of the Serbian propaganda," said Kosovo MFA Communications Director Sami Kastrati told KTV.

Koha recalls meantime recalls that Serbia in the past announced that some countries such as Grenada, Dominica, Suriname, Liberia, Sao Tome and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Papua New Guinea and Lesotho had revoked their recognition of Kosovo, and that the Kosovo MFA, headed by Behgjet Pacolli, claimed those had been fake news.


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