KFOR "doesn't know" where arrested Serbs are now

KFOR spokesperson Vincenzo Grasso told Prva TV on Friday morning that KFOR was informed that four persons had been arrested in Kosovo.

Source: Beta, Prva TV

However, he continued, the does not have "the exact information about where they are now."

"Kosovo police arrested several people in connection with the murder (in January of Serb politician) Oliver Ivanovic. We have been informed that four persons have been arrested and I'm not sure where exactly they are now, but I'm sure they're at the police and will be brought to justice," Grasso said.

Asked about the previous day, Thursday, he said:

"We knew that it was a police operation, yesterday they were no troops, nor planned actions, nor any orders. Yesterday we knew something, but I can't give any details."

According to Pristina-based media sources, the four arrested Serbs will during the day be brought before the Basic Court in Pristina, which had ordered their arrest.


Vincenzo Grasso said on November 22 that the situation in Kosovo was under control and that there had been no movement of Kosovo Security Forces toward the north, Beta agency reported on its website.

"The situation is under control. Nothing is happening. There was no movement of Security Forces toward the North. There were some police troop movements in southern Kosovo, but there is no reason for concern as KFOR is in touch with the Kosovo police," Grasso told the KoSSev website.

Asked to confirm Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic's claims that KFOR had stopped and prevented the movement of special troops toward the north, Grasso replied that "we did not have anyone to stop," KoSSev reported.

Grasso added that KFOR "is actively monitoring developments on the ground."

Vucic said that he had received information that the KFOR mission was ready to stop Albanian troops which had headed from two bases toward the north of Kosovo.

"We received information that KFOR was ready to stop someone's madness, thanks to them for this, if this is true," Vucic said in Belgrade during a meeting with Serb representatives from Kosovo.

After media reports and Vucic's statement that police in Kosovo took Serbian license plates off vehicles in Ropotovo and Ranilug, Kosovo police spokesman Daut Hoxha told KoSSev that this was speculation.

"The information on taking Serbian license plates off vehicles is speculation," Hoxha said.


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