"Kosovo in focus, all security services have their tasks"

A meeting of the Bureau for Coordination of Security Services has been held in Belgrade on Friday morning.

Source: B92, Prva TV
(screen capture, Prva TV)
(screen capture, Prva TV)

The Minister of Interior says that a detailed work plan for all services has been agreed upon during the meeting.

Asked whether Kosovo and its membership in Interpol, as well as the announced forming of an army there, were the main topics, Nebojsa Stefanovic said that the overall security situation was considered, with a special focus on Kosovo, and most importantly on the formation of an army, as this goes against all international legal documents.

On the other hand, such a decision cannot even be implemented without the support of the Serbs, the interior minister explained, and emphasized that Kosovo does not have such support.

According to him, the current goal of Serbia is to respond to these challenges and prevent the Serbs from the southern province (Kosovo), who rightly feel insecure, not to feel that way, as well as to prevent instability and its transfer to other parts of Serbia.

When asked what the concrete conclusion of today's meeting was, Stefanovic replied: "The concrete conclusion is that all the services of security have been given their tasks, but for understandable reasons, I cannot say what tasks those are."

But, the minister added, the essence is to prevent an exodus of Serbs (from Kosovo).

Asked what Serbia can do before, in only a few days, the question of Kosovo's membership is raised in Interpol, Stefanovic says that all countries that will arrive to the vote are being analyzed.

"There is now a degree of uncertainty, because you cannot know how anyone voted since the vote is secret. We are also looking for corrupt activities, whether someone from Kosovo is trying to buy these votes for gifts or money," Stefanovic said, adding that if evidence of such activities is found, it will be presented to Interpol.

"We will also point out why Kosovo should not be a member of Interpol, starting from the issue of leaking information about terrorists, through organized crime, which flourishes in Kosovo. So, we have good legal and political arguments, however the question remains who is ready to accept them, and to what degree," Stefanovic said.

"Nothing is resolved until it is resolved, we will be fighting until the last moment, we talk to everyone until the last moment and we point out to all the arguments," Stefanovic concluded.


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