"We'll beat that beast, fascist creation Serbia, together"

The leader of the "Self-determination" list Sulejman Ugljanin has declared victory in the elections for the Bosniak (Muslim) National Council (BNV).

Source: Beta, Prva TV
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On that occasion, this former member of the Serbian government from 2008 until 2014, stressed that that the BNV "has remained and continues to be Bosniak, adding that he was "happy and proud" that there had been no incidents during the voting, "confirming the Bosniaks as a mature nation."

The current president of the BNV said Sunday's elections were "the most important for the Bosniaks since the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, and they chose a council that has authorization to solve their problems in conversations with representatives of Serbia."

"These problems are that the Bosniaks do not have the status of a nation, and that the status of Sandzak has not been solved, which has been an occupied the country since 1912. Serbia and Montenegro have no deed over Sandzak, and if they want to record it as their own territory they will have to register Bosniaks in their constitutions as nations. We won the elections and we will represent that," said Ugljanin. He told "people in Belgrade who wanted to take over the BNV" that has failed, and that it was "bad job."

Ugljanin added that the BNV "will be a good partner to Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the international community in solving all the problems of the Bosniaks but also of other peoples."

According to preliminary results, the list "Self-determination" will have 15 members of the council, "Matica Bosnjacka" 13, and "Vakat Je" seven.

The "Stari Dedo" list failed to win any mandates. Ugljanin said that he was not dissatisfied, but happy that his list had not achieved an absolute majority, and announced that he would form one wit the "Vakat Je" list.

"I am pleased that we will now share responsibility with several political options and that together we will defeat this beast, this fascist creation the Serb state of Serbia, which wants to legalize genocide and crimes as a means of conquering territory and resolving political issues," concluded Ugljanin.

According to the Self-determination" date, about 52 percent of the 106,326 Bosniaks registered in a special voter roll turned out to car their ballots on Sunday.


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