Grenada 9th country to withdrow decision to recognize Kosovo

First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic announced on Sunday that Grenada is the ninth country that has withdrawn the recognition of Kosovo.

Source: B92,
(Serbian MFA)
(Serbian MFA)

On Friday, it was announced that the Commonwealth of Dominica, also a Caribbean state, was the 8th country to have revoked its recognition of Kosovo as an independent state.

Dacic, who signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and Friendship between the two ministries and two countries with Grenada’s Foreign Minister Peter David, explained that Grenada annulled all previous decisions regarding the status of Kosovo, i.e., the recognition of the southern Serbian province as an independent state.

He stressed that Serbia wants to develop relations with Grenada, and that he expects the visit of the foreign minister of that country to Belgrade.

David officially handed me a note stating clearly that Grenada has reconsidered its position regarding the status of Kosovo, and that, bearing in mind that a dialogue is taking place, he considers that no decision on the status of Kosovo should be made before its completion, said Dacic.

According to Dacic, the note states that Grenada will respect the results of the dialogue, as well as that it annuls or cancels all previously made decisions or statements and declarations regarding the status of Kosovo.

Dacic stressed that this meant that Grenada had annulled the status of recognition of Kosovo as an independent state, and estimated that this is another great result, not only in denying Kosovo independence, but also understanding that this problem can be solved only by dialogue.

He assessed that this is an incentive for dialogue to come to a solution, and not, as Kosovo considers, that the matter has already been resolved.

It seems that this matter has not been solved and will only be seen later, as well as during the vote at Interpol, that it is a false figure on the number of states that recognise Kosovo. Since they have so many countries, they are expected to be admitted to Interpol, and I can guarantee that this will not happen, said Dacic.

David pointed out that cooperation with Serbia is based on deep mutual respect for sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs.

He noted that Grenada has good cooperation with Serbia, especially in the field of education, since students from that country study in Serbia.

I look forward to deepening the cooperation of the two countries. We signed the Agreement, which stipulates the establishment of a joint commission for cooperation in the fields of education, health, agriculture and housing construction, said David.

According to David, the note that was handed down stated that Grenada had decided to review its position on the status of Kosovo.

After extensive consideration, the government of Grenada considers that the support to the solution of the future status of Kosovo, through the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, is of utmost importance, and that it is the desired mechanism for achieving a just, lasting and sustainable solution, David pointed out.

He said that the Grenada’s government would firmly support the position on which the two sides agree, adding that in the meantime, the government of that country will abolish all previous decisions or statements regarding the status of Kosovo, according to a statement from the Foreign Ministry.


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