"I am no enemy of Albanians," says Serbian president

Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday that he is not the enemy of the Albanians, and that he "understands Kosovo Assembly President Kadri Veseli's statement."

Source: B92
(screen capture)
(screen capture)

Veseli on Wednesday said, "We only have one enemy, and that's Serbia and Vucic."

"For the sake of the Albanians I want to say I'm not their enemy," the president told Prva TV on Thursday in Belgrade, and continued:

"On the contrary, I am the enemy of everyone who wants to persecute and kill the Serb people. That's why I understand Kadri Veseli's statement."

Vucic added that he "will have to be taking care abroad that which Albanian will react or threaten someone's security."

He stressed that he will continue to protect the interests of Serbia and our people.

"They would like it very much to have as opponents those they could defeat easily, so, in a way, I am honored with such a statement," Vucic said, still apparently referring to Veseli.


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