Serbian minister sends letter to every Interpol member

There are no reasons - besides the political ones - for Interpol to accept Kosovo as its member, Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic has said.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug/AP, file, illustriation)
(Tanjug/AP, file, illustriation)

Stefanovic added that Serbia is working on submitting "political, legal, and police arguments" as to why Kosovo should not become a member of Interpol.

Stefanovic told Pink TV on Thursday in Belgrade that he personally has sent letters to all members of Interpol explaining the reasons against the membership of Kosovo in Interpol, but also that it should be taken into consideration that there are those who will never change their position for personal interests - and those who are "willing to reconsider."

He explained that the member of Interpol can become only that country that is a member of the UN, or holds the role of an UN observer - and that Kosovo (Kosovo and Metohija, KiM) is neither one, nor the other.

In addition to these legal reasons against Kosovo's membership in Interpol, there are political reasons, Stefanovic continued - "first of all that (UN Security Council) Resolution 1244 says that Kosovo is part of Serbia, the second, that we have clear indications that this membership would be used to raise Interpol notices against everyone who they (Pristina) think is inappropriate - that is quite clear."

The third set of reasons, the police ones - suggests that KiM still is, to this day, in accordance to Resolution 1244, in contact with Interpol with which it can work, through UNMIK (UN mission to Kosovo), the minister said.

"They (Pristina) do not want to go through UNMIK - they want membership as proof of their so-called statehood, and that's all this is about," Stefanovic said.


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