"Only Jens spoke with me when Thaci went to North"

Aleksandar Vucic says that when Hashim Thaci was in the north of Kosovo none of the world officials wanted to talk to him - except Jens Stoltenberg.

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"Half of those world bureaucrats were hiding, I got Jens right away and it meant a lot for calming the situation, he was not hiding," the Serbian president told reporters in Mladenovac, where he was together with the NATO chief of Monday.

Vucic added that he believes he will cooperate with Stoltenberg in the future, but also hopes that situation like that recently in the north of Kosovo will not repeat.

He explained that the Serbian authorities were not aware that "people (Kosovo police) with rifles, with automatic rifles and with snipers" would come to the north of Kosovo.

"Whether EULEX and NATO knew, I do not know, but none of the regional police knew. Nobody in Serbia knew anything about Thaci's idea to come in with these units," Vucic said, adding that the entry of armed Albanian troops to the north of Kosovo requires a NATO permit and the consent of the local Serb community.

He also explained that the Serbs were not asked about this.

"I do not think that anybody other than the Serbs is in danger in Kosovo. Since there is no case of Serbs endangering Albanians, there are cases on a daily basis where Albanians endanger Serbs and prevent their return, steal their cattle and beat their children," Vucic said.

He added that Serbia agrees to KFOR "guarding everything" - but that this is done in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

"I asked Jens to walk in our shoes, to look at things from the Serb angle, I informed him with the fears of the people in Kosovo and Metohija. The most important thing is to be in touch in order to preserve lives and peace in the region," explained Vucic.

Jens Stoltenberg said in Mladenovac today that the KFOR mission will continue to operate in Kosovo, and that it had reacted to the incident at Lake Gazivode.

Stoltenberg said that KFOR members went out in the field and did not see any military operation or that someone was being arrested.

He added that he immediately spoke with the president of Serbia on this occasion, but that he also talked with all other leaders, as well as with the leadership in Pristina.

"That is why it is important that KFOR should be in Kosovo, to react and protect everyone when necessary," Stoltenberg said.

He added that KFOR should continue its presence in Kosovo in order to "reduce tension" - which is why he supports the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

"We urge everyone to refrain from provocative acts and speeches, and KFOR will be in Kosovo, and continue to protect everyone in Kosovo," he said.


"Brnabic spoke to Thaci"

Serbian PM Ana Brnabic and Kosovo political leader Hashim Thaci held talks in Minsk on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference Core Group Meeting.

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