"Will West convince Serbia to recognize Kosovo? No it won't"

President of the provisional institutions in Pristina Hashim Thaci says Kosovo's western allies have not been able to convince to recognize Kosovo.

Source: Tanjug
Hashim Thaci (EPA/EFE, file)
Hashim Thaci (EPA/EFE, file)

"They could not convince her to do such a thing until today and they cannot guarantee that they will do it tomorrow or in the near future," Thaci added in an op-ed published on his website.

"Recognition by Serbia is our primary hindrance on or Euro-Atlantic journey," he also stated, and added:

Someone may say that Serbia should recognize Kosovo unconditionally and within the existing borders. I also want the same thing. But do you think that we could convince Serbia to do such a thing soon enough? Unfortunately not. And the EU and our strong allies, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and many others, do you think they can convince Serbia to recognize Kosovo? Again, not.

According to Thaci, "the agreement can only be achieved if the parties compromise."

"You may again say that Kosovo has already made all its painful compromises. I agree with you again. But the reality is more stubborn than our arguments," Thaci writes, and adds that in order to join the EU and NATO, Pristina must work to within as short a period of time, end talks with Serbia, sign an agreement on a full normalization of relations.

"To reach this aim, I have proposed the option of border correction with Serbia," Thaci reiterated.

"I have argued that eventual agreement on peaceful border correction with Serbia ensures Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo as well as the union of Presheva (Presevo), Bujanoc (Bujanovac) and Medvegja (Medvedja) with our country. I have expected rational counter arguments but all I have heard to date is lots of noise and in worst cases, hatred. Kosovo is too small a country to produce so much hate, which divides our society," he said.

"The non believers of the legally binding agreement between Kosovo and Serbia are with ease dispersing fear on quasi destabilization of the region and ethnic divisions in the Balkans," Thaci writes, but "assures the skeptics that there will not be a border correction along the ethnic lines, there will be no exodus of population or a domino effect as far as the stability of this part of Europe is concerned."

"The time of wars and conflicts between Kosovo and Serbia, in my opinion, has elapsed. But the end of this era can only be ascertained when we reach the final peaceful agreement between Kosovo and Serbia," concluded Thaci.


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