Belgrade aims for international conference on Kosovo - FM

Minister Ivica Dacic says a solution is being sought for the Kosovo issue and that delimitation with the Albanians is just one idea - "but there are no others."

Source: Tanjug

He added that "everyone is now opening the door to dialogue - but here will certainly not be a discussion about two things - for Kosovo to be autonomous within Serbia, and for Serbia to recognize the unilaterally declared Kosovo."

"A compromise is being sought. We are at that stage, but the question is, what is a compromise. Delimitation is one of the ideas, but there are no other ideas. That's the reason for the avalanche of resistance in Pristina and Belgrade," Dacic has told TV Pink.

He assessed that European countries are also not happy with the idea "as it shows that they, after all, recognized the independence of Kosovo too quickly, and now have to question their decisions."

According to him, "as seen from the perspective of political analysts" unless the dialogue goes in that direction, it can be expected that pressure will continue on Serbia to recognize Kosovo such as it is, and for the North to belong to Kosovo.

"That pressure will be manifested by slowing down the road to the EU (membership)," Dacic explained, adding that it may also lead to the possibility of someone in Kosovo and Metohija "making plans for a Kosovo 'Storm' (attack on Serb areas), to which Serbia miht have to react, might enter into conflict with KFOR, then seek Russia's help..."

According to the foreign minister and first deputy PM, "new winds are blowing" now in the US, "opening the possibility for the Serbs and the Albanians to find a compromise solution."

"These things I'm talking about did not appear out of nowhere, we have beeen looking for it for years. Our goal is an international conference and, apart from the EU, for everyone to be the guarantors of what will be agreed upon. Serbia will maintain military neutrality," Dacic said.

According to him, those who oppose delimitation should know that a whole Kosovo is only possible as an independent state.

"We will never give away the North of Kosovo, there is no dilemma there, What else can we do? We have no territorial connection making alll Serb-populated areas remaining in Serbia," Dacic said.


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