"Presevo Valley joining Kosovo is same as Berlin wall..."

The Mayor of Presevo Shqiprim Arifi said that the residents of "Presevo Valley" welcomed the idea of joining with Kosovo.

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(EPA, illustration purposes)
(EPA, illustration purposes)

He told Pristina-based media that he wouldn't accept that the solution be only applied to the three municipalities in the south of Serbia with the majority Albanian population.

Arifi added that the Albanians from the Southern Serbia are sceptical whether that solution was feasible.

"Either the entire Presevo Valley will join Kosovo or the Albanians that live there will continue to be in conflict with Serbia, said Arifi. He added that for him "joining Presevo Valley with Kosovo is the same as tearing down the Berlin Wall."

He said the citizens of Presevo Valley were "concerned about the lack of details on the idea to join Presevo valley with Kosovo in the final stages of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue except maybe casual remarks about joining only three Albanian municipalities in Presevo with Kosovo."

"I can't accept that solution," Arifi said adding that when he mentioned "the continued conflict with Serbia" he meant that figuratively.

He assessed that "Serbian citizens in Presevo valley have nothing to fear when it comes to joining Kosovo," adding that they would have all of the constitutional rights guaranteed as equal citizens.


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