Brussels should accept Serb-Albanian agreement

EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn said that Brussels should accept an agreement between Serbs and Albanians to settle their dispute over Kosovo.

Source: Tanjug

“It’s about a bilateral solution which should not serve as a blueprint for other issues,” Hahn said in Vienna, website reports.

Hahn's intention is to dispel fears that any border changes in Balkans might ignite new conflicts in the unstable region, assesses EurActiv.

"Both Balkan states need to normalise relations to qualify for EU membership and once there is an agreement, it should be respected by all members of the EU", Hahn added.

Reaching the agreement in the EU-moderated dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina Hahn described as a "geopolitical necessity".

Euroactiv reminds that five EU members didn't recognise Kosovo independence, fearing unilateral border changes created by Kosovo case might become the norm, thus making Kosovo's future in the EU is "less clear" .

While Serbia might be "very close to EU accession" if Belgrade and Pristina normalize their relations, according to EurActiv.


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