"Serbs in Montenegro suffer torture and discrimination"

Leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia, Ivica Dacic, expressed concern at the series of moves by Montenegrin government against Serbian citizens in Montenegro.

Source: Beta

Dacic felt Serbian citizens in Montenegro were suffering torture and discrimination at the hands of the official government, said New Serb Democracy party (NOVA) from Montenegro after meeting with Dacic in Belgrade.

"I fear it is a deliberate project, a possible organized political action against the Serbian people. Serbian citizens are suffering ill-treatment by the Montenegrin judiciary, they are being arbitrarily detained, some have been imprisoned for years, others have a ban on leaving Montenegro", Dacic said.

"Discrimination against Serbs from Montenegro is another story completely. They are trying to deny them all sorts of rights, from employment to banning the use of the Serbian language in schools. The Serbian Orthodox Church is attacked and Serbian political leaders are persecuted", assessed Dacic, according to NOVA.

NOVA's leader Andrija Mandic agreed with Dacic and announced a whole series of data "confirming that the Serbs in Montenegro are suffering terrible state torture".

Mandic added he was satisfied that the Serbian government recognized the difficult situation and expressed readiness to help the Serbs in Montenegro.


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