"You received $ 200,000 from Qatar Embassy, not I"

In a discussion on Twitter last night Prime Minister Ana Brnabic responded to accusations from Opposition People's Party leader Vuk Jeremic

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, illustration purposes)
(Tanjug, illustration purposes)

Jeremic wrote last night on Twitter that Brnabic family would be able to live comfortably abroad after the fall of this dictatorship from the possessions she acquired while feigning to be a PM.

"It's the only way to explain their nonchalant attitude towards the obvious conflict of interest. They are greatly mistaken" wrote Jeremic.

Brnabic responded to Jeremic's tweet writing "Vuk, I congratulate you on another manly and heroic attack. But you made a mistake here...It wasn't me who received $200,000 from the Qatar Embassy in Berlin but you did. As far as theft and corruption goes no one can equal you and your colleagues in the recent Serbian history"

Jeremic then replied "Mrs Brnabic (or Nemanjic) you have been in office for the past six years and you reviewed my finances to the last detail - both legally and illegally. You found nothing suspicious whatsoever - if you had, I would have dealt with the authorities long time ago. But I promise - there will be no sanctuary for your and your brother!"

Brnabic also added "Don't get angry. I mention Qatar and you snap... Why do you have a problem explaining what was the $200,000 from a foreign embassy in a foreign country for? As for your promises, that's what you've always been good at...."


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