"Delimitation is idea only, meanwhile Albanians..."

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says that "delimitation" with Kosovo is "just an idea."

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(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

Dacic said on Monday that "more concrete proposals and what a compromise solution (for Kosovo) would mean" will be discussed in September.

"Starting in September, we should talk about more concrete things, about what somebody considers to be a compromise. Those ideas that have been heard - it doesn't mean they will be accepted," Dacic told reporters in Belgrade while visiting a memorial room on the 15th anniversary of the Gorazdevac massacre, when Serb youths gunned down in Kosovo.

Dacic said that more concrete talks are being mentioned for September - "because the UN General Assembly begins then, while the EU is in a rush, because their mandate expires in next year's European elections."

"Whether anything will happen - we are far from it, but anyone with ideas needs to bring them forward," Dacic said.

He recalled that the Kosovo problem has previously been talked about as a solved issue - but that the position of the US has now "changed in that regard" - opening up the possibility of "discussing how the interests of both sides can be respected."

The Serbian minister then pointed out that the Albanians "do not understand that the situation has changed - because they think that everything is the same, and that Serbia merely needs to recognize the independence of Kosovo."

Speaking about the concept of delimitation, Dacic said that "concrete territory is yet to be discussed - because it (now) only being discussed whether this is an idea that is at all acceptable."

"By compromise, the Albanians think of taking Presevo ​and Bujanovac (municipalities in the southern part of central Serbia, outside of Kosovo and Metohija). And I do not know what they would say to the idea that they (Albanians in Kosovo) should remain in Serbia," said Dacic, adding that "all ideas should be discussed."

Asked what "what will happen to the Serbs south of the Ibar (River) if there is delimitation" - Dacic said that "one must first see if the if the idea of delimitation is acceptable, and only after that, it can be seen whether it can be realized and in what way."

"After this, we need to talk about the idea of ​​delimitation, and then about what these territories are, how they can be merged," he said, adding that it was now "too early to enter into concrete talks."

"It is certain that no one can have less than what we currently have. No one is thinking about dividing the Serbs into the north and south (of Kosovo) and then say that we are not interested in what will happen in the south," the minister said.


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