"Those who live in enclaves don't think it's part of Serbia"

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says he sees no readiness on Pristina's part to reach a compromise when it comes to Kosovo's status.

Source: Tanjug, Prva TV
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

But Pristina has some things that "must be dine," Dacic told Prva TV on Wednesday morning.

According to him, "there will no better time for resolving the Kosovo issue."

Dacic said that talks will be intensified in the next few months in an attempt to find a lasting solution for the status of Kosovo and Metohija.

He says there are two reasons for that.

"The first reason is the need to find a compromise, not to keep this topic back, decades ahead. The other reason is that the mandate of the European authorities is expiring, Federica Mogherini will have to go to elections. This means that the direct dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina intensifies, but there is no solution without the consent of the great powers," Dacic said.

When it comes to his position regarding partitioning Kosovo, Dacic says that he has been talking about it "for about ten years."

"I talked about this with Dobrica Cosic, he told me that he talked about this with Milosevic and Djindjic... Djindjic said that we have several opportunities - a confederation, and if nothing can be done, there was partition...," added is Dacic.

He added that he rejoiced when President Aleksandar Vucic opened the internal dialogue, but that he has not heard any other proposals.

"That's what I said, that's my opinion. It is not a proposal of the party, nor of the government. I've been saying that for about ten years, I proceed from a practical solution. This solution is quickly possible because there would be no moving of the population," he added.

According to Dacic, he is not the one who opened Pandora's box - "and when the independence of Kosovo was proclaimed, the independence of the Serb Republic should have also been proclaimed."

"I was talking about delimitation, I did not use the term partition. Which territories those are, I've never spoken about it. Ask the people in the north of Kosovo what they think about it. And the Serbs in the enclaves in the south. What do they belong to? They belong to the Serbian province according to our Constitution, and where is it in real life... The one who lives in an enclave has long stopped thinking that this is an integral part of Serbia," Dacic stressed.

When it comes to the US position on the matter, Dacic emphasized that their position has changed significantly.

"I talked to them many times, they did not even want to hear about it before. Today they are ready to hear about a compromise. They are ready for a creative solution, to put a full stop or three full stops on that issue," he said.

He stressed that he does not see Pristina's willingness to compromise.

"But they also have some limitations, they have some things that must be done. As far as I'm concerned, nobody from my party has ever been a traitor, I do not want to run away from a problem. I spend every hour of my working time to turn away at least one country from recognizing Kosovo," Dacic stressed.


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