Vucic responds to claim he is "not president of Bosniaks"

President Aleksandar Vucic says there will be "no armchair," i.e., position in the state administration, for Bosniak National Council Leader Sulejman Ugljanin.

Source: B92, Tanjug

Vucic in this way responded to Ugljanin saying Vucic was "not the president of Bosniaks."

Addressing Ugljanin with a nickname, the president said: "There's no armchair for you, Suljo, it's all for nothing."

"I am the president of Serbs, and Bosniaks (Muslims), and (ethnic) Hungarians," Vucic continued. "Together with my team, I've done more kindergartens and roads and stadiums that he was able to even visit. And I will continue to do that for the Bosniak people too - but there's no armchair."

Ugljanin, who in the past served in several Serbian governments and was a member of the National Assembly, previously said that Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and members of the cabinet are "not the Bosniaks' prime minister and ministers."

"Serb state organs of the Serb state of Serbia are legitimate representatives of the Serb people whose interests they advocate, and I think, do it well. We want to talk to them about future relations, but they are not our prime minister, president, ministers, or deputies (members of the National Assembly). Not Vucic, not Brnabic, not Dacic, not Vulin. They can get that out of their heads," he told a press conference.

Last week, Ugljanin attempted to invite Behgjet Pacolli to come to Novi Pazar in the southwestern part of central Serbia, addressing him as "the foreign minister of the Republic of Kosovo," but Serbian authorities did not permit the visit.

Serbia's Foreign Minister and First Deputy PM Ivica Dacic reacted to the invitation by saying that both Ugljanin and Pacolli were Serbian citizens, and that he was their foreign minister.


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