"Background of Ivanovic's murder is Thaci-Haradinaj clash"

In the background of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic is a conflict between Thaci and Haradinaj, writes Vecernje Novosti.

Source: Vecernje novosti
Oliver Ivanovic (EPA-EFE, file)
Oliver Ivanovic (EPA-EFE, file)

Pristina's plan is to blame Belgrade for this murder, the daily added.

According to the newspaper, behind the announcement by the Pristina authorities that they will allegedly today announce details of the murder of the Serb politician, the leader of the GI SDP, is a fierce political conflict between the president and the prime minister of the provisional institutions in Kosovo, Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj.

In this clash, both of them have the same plan and goal: to blame exclusively Serbs for everything, as much as possible.

The plan is also to gather political points along the way, according to the daily which added that Thaci is currently in the lead. He at the end of last week thunderously announced that he would reveal details related to the investigation of the assassination that would "give a headache to many in both Kosovo and in Belgrade."

Vecernje Novosti recalled that since January 16, when Ivanovic was killed in Kosovska Mitrovica, Thaci has insisted that it was the Serbs who killed the president of the GI SDP in front of the headquarters of this party. That is why the Pristina authorities in fact never launched or conducted a real investigation, the Belgrade newspaper said.

Vecernje Novosti further stated that the conflict between Haradinaj and Thaci is becoming ever deeper, and that this is the reason why Thaci is in a hurry to allegedly shed light on Ivanovic's execution and blame Serbs. For this purpose, he has devised a plan according to which Serb criminals, who were hiding in the southern Serbian province after committing crimes in central Serbia, will "admit" to the murder of Ivanovic. In turn, in this way, they will "buy" their freedom, change their identity, and be paid several hundred thousand euros.

The daily links this thesis with last week's arrest in Kosovo of Serbian and Montenegrin citizens, who were hiding in the southern province. The first group was arrested last Wednesday, allegedly based on Montenegro's request to extradite them. These persons are suspected of carrying out a liquidation in the town of Cetinje in Montenegro two years ago.

A source has told Vecernje Novosti that those under arrest - Strahinja Djankovic above all - are now being pressured to admit to the murder of Ivanovic. "For some reason, to Thaci and his police he seems the most convenient to take Ivanovic's assassination onto himself. He is now under horrific psychological torture. They like the fact he comes from Belgrade, and can perfectly play the role according to their script, where Ivanovic was killed by a Serb," the newspaper's interlocutor said.


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