Local Albanians want "Presevo Valley" included in dialogue

The leader of the ethnic Albanian DPA party in Presevo says Pristina should end the dialogue with Belgrade unless the topic of the "Presevo Valley" is included.

Source: Tanjug
(screen capture, file)
(screen capture, file)

Ragmi Mustafa told T7 broadcaster that Pristina delegation led by President Hashim Thaci "should take seriously the request of Albanians in Presevo Valley to discuss their matter in Brussels."

Bujanovac Mayor Shaip Kamberi claims that "the rights of Albanians in Presevo Valley have been violated for years, despite the reached agreements to respect them," Tanjug is reporting, citing UNMIK's Media Observer.

The Assembly of Albanian councilors from the three municipalities in the southern part of central Serbia, adopted their "political declaration" on Saturday, asking the provisional Kosovo institutions and the authorities in Belgrade to include in the dialogue "the political status of Albanians from Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja."

Among other things, they are demanding that their rights in the Brussels dialogue be represented by Thaci.

They are in fact demanding that the leadership of the provisional Kosovo institutions, -Thaci, whose legitimacy in the dialogue is challenged by the Kosovo opposition, and Ramush Haradinaj - be their representatives in Brussels, in order to secure the same for Albanians in central Serbia, that Serbia seeks for the Serb minority in Kosovo.


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