Airport shoplifting affair MP resigns from parliament

Assembly Committee on Human and Minority Rights chairperson Meho Omerovic has resigned, the Serbian National Assembly confirmed for on Tuesday.

Source: B92
(screen capture, file, Prva TV)
(screen capture, file, Prva TV)

This is taking place after Omerovic's alleged involvement in a shoplifting incident at an airport abroad.

Omerovic's resignation as member ("people's deputy") of the Assembly, means he will also be removed from all his other parliamentary roles.

According to media reports in early June, airport police in Frankfurt, Germany, detained Omerovic for stealing from a duty free shop. However, Omerovic told Prva TV that he had health issues and had to use the toilet before managing to returning the shopping items he held in his hands.

According to a report whose part was revealed by National Assembly President Maja Gojkovic, Omerovic invoked his diplomatic immunity in order to be released - however, he maintained that this was not necessary, and that police gave him back his passport and allowed him to leave Germany.

The issue of his dismissal has since been raised in the Assembly on several occasions.

Omerovic is a high ranking official of Deputy PM Rasim Ljajic's SDPS party. Beside chairing the Committee on Human and Minority Rights, Omerovic was a member of the Committee for Control of Security Services. Although he was to join the Committee on Execution of Penitentiary Sanctions, his name was missing from the recently proposed list of members of this parliamentary body.

Omerovic, who is usually available to journalists, on Tuesday morning refused to take a call from

A lengthy procedure that could take days will now follow in order for his resignation to become official.


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