"There's no stick that can make me listen to rubbish"

"There is no stick that can make me listen to that rubbish," Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday.

Source: Tanjug

Vucic said this when reporters asked him to comment on statements coming from Pristina ahead of his meeting on Sunday in Brussels with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci.

Thaci on Wednesday said that the meeting represented "the beginning of the final phase" of solving the issue of relations between Belgrade and Pristina and that the question of "the border between Serbia and Kosovo" would be on the agenda - while at the same time, Pristina "has the support of its allies" - meaning, NATO and the US - and "would not allow even a millimeter of Kosovo to be given to Serbia."

Serbian official Marko Djuric reacted to this by saying that "no millimeter of Kosovo was Thaci's to give away."

Before this, an adviser of Thaci, Rexhep Hoti, said that a partition of Kosovo was not on the agenda - but that if it was, "then Kosovo should ask for Sandzak and a part of southern Serbia."

Vucic at the time reacted by saying that "an exchange of territory with Kosovo" was "out of the question."

Speaking on Thursday, the president said that he "called people in Brussels and told them that if those were the positions held by Albanians, we're wasting time and I'm not coming."

"They said 'please come and let's talk'," he said.

"If you think there is a stick that would make me listen to Thaci's, Hoti's, and such rubbish, don't call me," Vucic continued. "I'm neither fascinated by ingenious ideas nor am I scared. You found the wrong man to pressure, so let's not waste time."

"But, if you're ready for a compromise, I'm here. Serbia will not, so to speak, slam dunk - but if you think you can talk to us in that manner we will leave and say, thanks kindly, let them (Pristina) first implement the Brussels agreement, then we'll talk further," Vucic concluded.


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