Kosovo isn't Thaci's to give away - Djuric

What Thaci is saying shows that some people imagine it will be enough to bring the Serbian delegation and Vucic to the table in Brussels, "and get everything."

Source: Tanjug
(Marko Djuric)
(Marko Djuric)

Office for Kosovo and Metohija Director Marko Djuric said this for Tanjug on Wednesday, adding:

"But they should not count on it, because it will not happen."

Djuric in this way responded when asked how he sees Hashim Thaci's statement ahead of the continuation of the dialogue on Sunday, that "the border issue" will also be on the agenda.

Djuric added that such statements clearly speak about the amount of pressure that Serbia and its president will be exposed to on this issue. "But I can tell you that the opportunity to achieve something in this way will be exactly inversely proportional to the amount of pressure exerted on President Vucic on this issue."

"As for Thaci's story about not giving away even a millimeter of the territory of Kosovo - I don't understand at all what he is talking about - since no millimeter of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija is Thaci's to give away," he said.

"Due to the apparent complete absence of Pristina's willingness to compromise and have a serious conversation, I do not expect anything from the forthcoming talks in Brussels," Djuric concluded.


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