FM says Serbia is aware of Pristina's "secret list"

Ivica Dacic says Serbia is aware of Pristina's secret document - a list of countries to be pressed to change their (negative) stance on Kosovo's independence.

Source: B92
(Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)
(Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)

Also, Pristina plans to exert pressure on these countries in order to gain membership in certain international organizations, and there is in addtion a list of countries in charge of applying that pressure.

Tanjug is citing Srpski Telegraf, which is reporting that countries that should exert pressure have been selected for their influence and closeness with those who need to be "disciplined." It is stated that Austria, the US, Germany, Italy, France, the UK and others are on the list of those working for Pristina, while their targets are Armenia, Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Jamaica, Mexico, Nepal, Slovakia, Tunisia, Zambia and other countries.

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic confirmed on Tuesday morning for Prva TV that Serbia has known about these plans of Pristina for a long time - "it's just that the list has now appeared in public." He said that Pristina, apart from this so-called secret list is also undertaking a whole range of activities together with some Western countries.

"They are organizing meetings to affirm their independence, it is known who is in charge of which country, who speaks with whom," Dacic said.

Commenting on media reports about Pristina paying lobbyists to lobby for Kosovo's independence, the foreign minister said that this is not a secret, and that it concerns two lobbying firms: one from France, and the other from the United States.

And when asked about Serbia's response to such activities, he said that "our answer is visible because more and more countries are withdrawing their recognition of Kosovo, because it is a fortress built on false grounds, a castle neither in the sky nor on the ground."

Most of these countries face constant pressure and indecent proposals, Dacic added.

Asked if Serbia would hire lobbyists to advances our interests, Dacic said that when his predecessor Vuk Jeremic served as foreign minister, Serbia hired the Podesta lobbying firm - "but that cooperation did not end well because that firm lobbied for the Albanians at the same time."

"For now, we have not hired anybody, but I think we should and that this should be done because all countries in the world are doing it," Dacic said.

According to him, the price depends on who is engaged, as well as on who is being lobbied - that is, "real lobbying firms" charge fees that range from 600,000 to 2 million dollars a year.


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