"Old Serbia, South Serbia..." Vucic on Macedonia and Kosovo

The issue of solving a dispute over a state's name, as was the case with Macedonia, cannot be compared to teh problem of Kosovo and Metohija.

Source: Tanjug

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said this on Thursday, in conversation with journalists.

One of the reporters what Vucic thought about the solution to the name dispute (namely, "the Republic of North Macedonia"), and whether this would bring more pressure concerning relations between Belgrade and Pristina, as well as Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Serb Republic.

"Don't compare a name problem, whether it will be called Old Serbia, North or South Serbia, with the problem of Kosovo and Metohija, where we have a problem of over one million people and 10,000 contested square kilometers," Vucic said, and added that he "hopes a solution can be found for that too."


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