Vucic on Kosovo: I will seek to convince people

We will be ready to talk to Albanians at any time, but we expect the Brussels agreement to be fulfilled, says President Aleksandar Vucic.

Source: B92

According to him, Albanians say that they have no intention of fulfilling the obligations from the Brussels agreement, "which says they have courage and daring, but also someone's support."

"And what have we been doing in the past five years, if they do not want to fulfill their obligations? We have fulfilled ours, from the first to the last. They constantly point out to energy, that we did not fulfill that. There is no agreement there, you are deceiving the world. I was present in all conversations, I know what we signed, and what we did not," Vucic told a press conference late on Thursday in Belgrade with European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia David McAllister.

According to Vucic, because of that, "we have to talk among each other and not look for a reason to stop the dialogue, but enter it with it even more energy."

"If they do not respect international contracts like the Brussels one, then it's clear to you what will happen if we don't solve that problem. Polls shows that 80 percent of Serbia is in favor of frozen conflict. I will do my best, with no regard for my political career, to overcome that attitude. I do not want to be responsible for some new wars when the frozen conflict unfreezes. I will not make a decision against our people, but will seek to convince a majority of the people that peace and stability are more important to us than anything else," Vucic pointed out.


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