"Albanians have been after Serbian passports since 1999"

Albanians are coming to the municipality of Gracanica on a daily basis to request certificates of citizenship of the Republic of Serbia.

Source: Tanjug

This document is required in order to be issued Serbian ID cards and passports.

This is what Ljubinko Karadzic, president of the Interim Organ of the City of Pristina, located in Gracanica - a Serb enclave near Pristina - told Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti.

In this way confirming reports published in Pristina (Albanian language) media, Karadzic pointed out that Serbian documents are requested by Albanians of different ages and educational levels, while as far as Gracanica is concerned, most of them come from Pristina.

In addition to those who already have Serbian documents and want to extend them, there are also many young Albanians who come for the first time with this request, said Karadzic.

Novosti is reporting that representatives of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija explained that Albanians residing in Kosovo and Metohija can get passports issued by the Coordination Administrations, but that they still need to have visas in order to travel to many countries.

However, with these passports, Albanians can travel to countries that do not recognize documents issued by Kosovo, such as Greece and Spain, the newspaper added.

Albanian political analysts and those well acquainted with the situation in Kosovo are quoted as saying that Albanians have been submitting requests for Serbian documents since 1999, but also that a majority of those working in Western countries hold passports of the state of Serbia.


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