This is not 140-day, but 140-year problem, says president

President Aleksandar Vucic has said in Sofia that he hopes a solution will be reached for Kosovo and Metohija that will be acceptable to citizens of Serbia.

Source: Tanjug

As he said, he will do his best and fight to make it happen.

"I want to believe that Serbia will have enough strength in the upcoming period, if there is a willingness to compromise on the other side, to come up with a solution that will be acceptable to its citizens, as far as Kosovo and Metohija is concerned."

In any case, we will do our best and we will fight for that, Vucic told reporters.

As he said, it is always important to talk about problems, not just speak about nice and pleasant things, adding that was the job of leaders to solve problems, not to talk about nice things.

He said that he exchanged several words with Thaci and that he sees this as an act of courtesy only, while for a better mark, he would have to see some great progress in order to say that something was better.

"I'm sure we must continue the dialogue," Vucic said.

Responding to questions about when a solution could be found for KiM, Vucic said that he was not one of those who were limiting anything, especially because a misunderstanding existed since before the First Prizren League for more than 140 years.

"It's not 140 days," Vucic said, adding that there is a desire in Serbia to solve the problem, and that he believes that Serbia invested effort, energy and will, and fulfilled all its obligations.

As he said, this does not prevent us from trying to solve problems through discussion and compromise, adding that he will do his best for that to happen.


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