Belgrade newspaper reveals what Putin told Vucic

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic this week that "many had said Vucic was secretly leading Serbia into NATO."

Source: Tanjug

Belgrade-based daily Vecernje Novosti writes this on Friday, referring to the conversation that took place during Vucic's two-day visit to Moscow.

The article added Putin also said that the ones who spoke about Vucic in this way, later took their own countries to NATO - and that "only the Serbian president kept the word and did not do it."

The article continues by stating that the Russian leader will "unequivocally support Serbia and Vucic personally in the diplomatic struggle for Kosovo and Metohija, as well as on all other topics crucial for the security of the region."

According to Novosti, the president of Serbia returned home "with this capital guarantee" from Moscow, where he was shown great honor and hospitality, and given a clear and decisive signal: for Russia, our country is crucial in this part of Europe.

The open relations between the two statesmen are best seen in the frank admission about NATO that, during their informal talks, the president of the world's biggest county told Vucic, writes the newspaper.

After the meeting in the Kremlin, it is clear that Moscow will actively monitor the results of the Belgrade-Pristina talks and the influence of various international factors on the dialogue, primarily the sponsors of Kosovo's independence, the article said, concluding that without the consent of Russia and Serbia, it is impossible to reach a just solution for Kosovo.


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