Serb List denies plans to return to Kosovo government

The Serb List is not returning to the Kosovo government, as some Pristina media have speculated, Serb List spokesman Igor Simic said on Tuesday.

Source: Tanjug

"There has been no discussion about renewing our activities in the government, nor has anything changed from the moment we left the ruling coalition," Simic was categorical.

He added that the Serb List was aware that their decision will result in the further homogenization of Albanian political actors and their agreement on issues that are important to them - "which in the previous period could be seen in the way the so-called opposition treated the government's proposals in parliament."

"We understand the dissatisfaction among those who today realize that without the elected Serb representatives they cannot fake the existence of political pluralism and a multiethnic society, but once again we emphasize that we are not the guilty party in this situation, instead it is those who sent masked bullies with long guns against us," Simic.

He added that the best way for Serbs to participate in political processes in full capacity is to end the sidelining of the Serb people and the appalling treatment of its political representatives.


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